Without inspiration lit by a trailblazing muse, one’s heart’d be a cold and artless place.

So I was horrified as I read Nikki Gemmell’s ‘We are not a muse’ column in Australian Life magazine this weekend, as she proclaimed the word muse:

implies, let’s be clear: passivity, naivety, a silenced voice; objectification of the body’….a ‘doormat’ ….’to be looked at and presumably slept with,’

“Noooooooooooo!!!!” I’ve been telling people I want to paint my prized muses like Alan Joyce or Luke Sales for the Archibald prize,  while gushing over Richard Branson and Elon Musk.
I hold The Australian and it’s writer’s in high esteem, so immediately thought I was wrong about the muse and she was the official voice of truth.
But. Wait. A second opinion is needed, I thought.
Another reliable source, The Oxford dictionary has the definition as: ‘A person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.’

Maybe some people need to broaden their definition of the muse.
On my list, muses are high achievers that I perceive to be hard-working visionaries. Occasionally they get a little audacious, but a muse needs to be a tad extraordinary, I think. For me, a muse is not a sexual thing, as Nikki Gemmel’s article seems concerned about. Nevertheless, the traits I describe are considered “sexy” by some.

Nikki writes: ‘Why can’t the female be the lauded artist, the genius, alongside the males

Wait…… Read this very same publication that prints your column and find many stories highlighting amazing female achievers.

Nikki, if you’re reading this (I know she’s not because of aforementioned issue) a plan to ban slogan shirts has my support. Make sure it includes the male ones though. These tees often imply a far more demeaning stereotype of young males than a mere desire to be a Future Muse.

Nikki you’re probably a muse for many people. So, perhaps if you’re passionate about this, use your presence in the pages of The Australian to showcase successful Australians.

Because what’s better than a “Future Muse”?

Best Regards to all my muses,



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