SEMICONDUCTOR ~ Human Equation of Digital Creation

That’s a simple equation.

And Semiconductor are now part of the 21st Biennale of Sydney.

Rather timely. They came together as Semiconductor in 1997, so it’s their 21st too.

More timely: their practice parallels the theme of Sydney Biennale 2018: ‘SUPERPOSITION’. It’s as if Biennale Sydney “Superposition” could not be conducted without Semiconductor. According to Wikipedia: ‘The modern understanding of the properties of a semiconductor relies on quantum physics, AKA Quantum Mechanics. 
Apparently the Quantum Mechanical theory of Superposition is the core inspiration for this 21st Biennale curated by Mami Kataoka
In a beautiful parallel, Quantum Superposition  states that 2 or more states can be added together to create another valid state.
I guess that is what UK art duo Semiconductor do: 2 creative minds creating something else.
Understanding Quantum mechanics is still on my ‘To Do’ list. I have been preoccupied enjoying art.

But for the dynamic duo called Semiconductor, uniting two people creates perhaps a greater force than a single mind. Kind of like the super power of Artificial Intelligence, which along with Quantum computers have essentially been a highly pursued fantasy in the past. But 2018 marks the first time they emerged as a true step from reality.

QUANTUM COMPUTING? Even IBM acknowledge there’s still plenty to develop, but IBM Q is certainly leading the research and conversations with a great attitude to sharing expertise, because more can be achieved through collaboration.

Whilst we await the tech future, the success of collaboration is showcased by Semiconductor, showing the world through their science & technology lens in ‘Where Shapes Come From’ ( Click here for are a selection of short videos I created of personal favourite sections of their piece at Art Gallery of NSW.) It’s a sort of documentary combining digital animation. The elements I focused on are digital and often only a small cut of the widescreen view, I’ll allow you to experience IRL.
If you’re not in Sydney, maybe you are going to Think?

In the words of IBM: ‘Let’s think together’ #think2018

My post of filmed extracts from Where Shapes Come From 2016


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