Finding beauty in construction’s destruction takes an explorer to find a “diamond in the rough”

If you can’t find a diamond make your own, as Tanya Goel did with ‘Fresco on cement and stone’.
This is a wall-mounted series using plaster and graphite on building debris collected from houses of 1950-1970 in Delhi.
She started this artistic commentary on the changes and development of cities a few years ago. The rubble fragments are collected from building sites.

Tanya came from a family of textile producers, an industry which is like the building scene. That is, subject to ever-changing design, a playground of offcuts, scraps and samples being thrown into the skip bin daily.
Perhaps for this reason, Goel works across various art mediums and this is just one curious sample of her work.

Hope you find some beautiful art out there today

Mumbai gallery Mirchandani + Steinruecke represents Goel and in Sydney, her work is currently at Artspace, in Sydney’s Woolloomooloo.

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