One enters the dim-lit exhibition space where ‘Space Vessel’ is placed.
It’s bullet-like bronze form is intimate in scale and placed elevated on a plinth, in an untouchable realm beneath a clear case.

Not until you are at arm’s length do you realise it is two “fallen churches” joined at the base to create a mirrored “mini-church missile” …… (the first description that hits my mind. Call it what you will)

The flecks around it now come to view as humans.
I feel uneasy about enjoying the cleverness, the surprise, and the beauty of the variegated bronze. I’m intrigued to know what it means, all this fallen grandeur.

But just as soon, another work distracts you.
Borremans is also a film maker, a medium used where the static nature of paintings and sculptures won’t work with an idea.
Also showing at Artspace is Michael Borremans, The Storm (2006) a single-channel video.

The Belgian, Borremans, is a painter first and foremost.
Sculpture is secondary to that first calling, which perhaps allows the freedom for exploration that has made his work a success.
Even as Borremans traverses many mediums, he does not allow quality to be at a mere experimental level.
Skilfully made, with carefully attention to detail of finish, this work also has striking cleverness in its Escher-like visual play.

As today is the last day of Borremans work to be showing at Artspace, I share with you a few photos below. Want more? Go on tour.
His painting can be seen at Zeno X Gallery in Antwerp.
The painting is masterly.

Dreaming of the Masters,



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