Circling the ‘SQUARED’ exhibition at Yuill Crowley Gallery, it’s the works not confined to a square that prove to be the showstoppers.

‘Rotation’ in particular is the sort of work you want to take home to gaze at every day, allowing the rich orange and grey to appear in new ways across each hour, as various depths and angles of sunlight or man-made light fall upon the painted aluminium to cast elusive shadows. As it projects slightly from the wall, you wonder, is it painting or sculpture?

Something “comforting” in the work appeals. Perhaps the nostalgic reminder of forms seen in 1980s computer games, and the timelessness simplicity of the square.

‘Squared’ showcases a selection of Chris Firmstone’s work spanning beyond a decade, which gives opportunity for wide exploration of the square in various formats, colour and media.
Bold colour and sharp lines dominate, but subtlety is also masterfully used. For example, there’s a simple piece of textural earthy linen, framed in black and silver, where beauty is created in the restraint and careful selection of otherwise mundane elements, here made elegant.

Firmstone has demonstrated how media is used across with a focus on optical possibilities within, or using, the square in the mode of non-objective abstract art.

If you’re in Sydney, see it at Yuill | Crowley Gallery until 7 July 2018.
Worth a look.
Fair & Square.


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